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How do I order tickets?

Click on the big blue button and choose the country and then the city you wish to visit.  This will give you a list of the products we have for that particular city.  Choose your product and then add the number next to the type of ticket you want (adult or child).  Then click on the little trolly symbol at the bottom of the table and this will take you to the basket.  From here you can add or search for more products or you can fill in your details (taking care with your email address as this will be where the vouchers will be sent to), tick the terms and conditions and proceed to the checkout. Enter your card details and your order is complete. 

How do I receive the tickets?

Your vouchers will be sent to you by email to the email address you have given.  You will need to print off a copy to exchange/use at the exchange point.

What currency can I pay in?

You can pay in GBP (pound sterling), USD (US dollars), or EUR (Euros).  You can change the currency by clicking on the desired currency button on the top right hand side of the website.

What do I do with the voucher – do I need to exchange it?

All details of what to do with the voucher will be written on it, however for some you will need to exchange for a ticket at an exchange point, which will be listed on the voucher, and some will be exchanged at the venue as you would a ticket.  The voucher exchange points tend to be at tourist information points at railway stations, in the centre of cities and at the airports, in order for them to be conveniently exchanged, however the exact details will be on the vouchers. Some suppliers will ask for proof of ID so please make sure you take some with you when exchanging the voucher.

Can I show the voucher on my phone?

No, this can only be used as a print out.  The suppliers will not accept copies on a phone, so make sure you have the print outs with you before you go.

What is the difference between an evoucher and an eticket?

An evoucher will need to be exchanged for the material ticket at a designated exchange point (often selected Tourist information points), which will be indicated on your voucher.  Etickets can be exchanged at the tour/venue/on the bus as indicated on your voucher.